The Institute of Oriental Philosophy
IOP Journal Volume 27


Special Series:
Dialogue: Awakening a Great Revival of Our Humanity (1)
Axinia D. Djourova / Daisaku Ikeda

Feature 1: Buddhist Sūtras―A Universal Spiritual Heritage
From the Catalogue of Exhibition

Buddhist Sūtras―An Extraordinary Spiritual Heritage Dominique Trotignon

What a Buddhist Sūtras is in India Nalini Balbir

Eugne Burnouf, Father of Buddhist Studies Dominique Trotignon

Two Inseparable Names, Dunhuang and Paul Pelliot Nathalie Monnet

The Presentation of the Lotus Sūtra in the Mogao Caves Christine Kontler

The Sūtras in the Chinese World Jrme Ducor

From the Commemorating Symposium

The Concept of Co-existence as Seen in the Lotus Sūtra Yoichi Kawada  translated by Shin’ichi Hashimoto

Perspectives on Parables of the Lotus and the Gospel - Dennis Gira

The Lotus Sūtra Lokesh Chandra

Russian Explorations in Central Asia at the Turn of the 20th Century - Irina F. Popova

The Publication and Distribution Context of the First Chinese Translations of the Lotus Sūtra - Sylvie Hureau

The Reception of Lotus Sūtra Thought in China Hiroshi Kanno

Lotus and Pure Land - Jrme Ducor

Translation and Distribution of the Lotus Sūtra in the Cultural Field of Classical ChineseJean-Nol Robert

Feature 2: Global Challenge Facing Humanity and Buddhism
From the Symposium in conjunction with the 32nd Annual Conference

Buddhism and Peace  Noranit Setabutr

A Future without Nuclear WeaponsThoughts from the Standpoint of Buddhist Principles of Peace―
Kyoko Oshima

The Spirit of Environmental Preservation in the Buddhist Teachings and Present-day Thai Life
Pataraporn Sirikanchana

Perspectives of Mahayana Buddhism on the Destruction of Nature: Evaluating the Value of Nature
- Shuichi Yamamoto / Victor S. Kuwahara

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